Lambda Life

Lambda Life has been providing laboratory technologies, chemicals, reagents, and IVD diagnostics for more than 30 years to research, clinical, analytical, and industrial laboratories. The professional approach and experience of Lambda Life a.s. have led to gaining the trust of renowned brands such as PROMEGA, MERCK, Siemens Healthineers, and others in the field of reagents and IVD diagnostics, WATERS in chromatography and mass spectrometry, and ZEISS in microscopy.

R&D Unit

Years of cooperation with researchers led to the establishment of our own Research and development Unit in 2018. Since then, Lambda Life has collaborated on many research projects in a partnership with academic and research institutions focused mainly on biomedical, oncology and immunology research, particularly focused on applied research of circulating tumor cells, exosomes and their contents; for research in the field of complex diagnostics of cancer diseases from liquid biopsy and live tumor cells from tumor tissue, and also for applied research of metabolic support of patients with oncological diseases using in silico analyzes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Major research projects:
1. Integrative strategy in the development of personalized medicine for selected malignant tumors and its impact on quality of life (ITMS2014+ code: 313011V446);
2. Development and implementation of immunomodulatory cell therapy in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic (ITMS2014+ code: 313011ATT8);

Center for Personalised Medicine

In addition Lambda Life operates Center for Personalised Medicine; cooperates with international laboratories focusing in comprehensive genetic and molecular tests; is developing its own clinical tests and provides clinical biochemistry and immunology tests for various patients.